Optimal mesh of IT systems

A customer IT conversion from SAP to AMOS presented LTLS with a challenge: The conversion came with the necessity at LTLS of working with AMOS while continuing to use SAP as the interface to Lufthansa Technik.

In order to offer the airline the same service level as before, the company redesigned all the warehousing processes over the course of a two-year project. LTLS provided the customer with extensive consulting and acquired in-depth knowledge of the customer's AMOS system, so that it could link AMOS as completely as possible to LTLS' own systems and continue to offer the full scope of services.

Since the tasks related to export law and customs clearance that LTLS had previously handled for the customer could no longer be carried out, one of the most important goals was to restore the original status of the work. This involved creating completely new logistics processes for the customer. Today, with just a few restrictions, the customer can once again accept both duty-paid and uncleared shipments.

In parallel, an interface to AMOS was created in the shipping department so that it could continue to work to its usual standard. Beyond that, the entire warehouse was physically reorganized to ensure an optimal mesh between the processes and the IT: For example, preliminary storage zones were set up to achieve faster visibility of the material in the system. This successful system conversion shows that LTLS responds flexibly and efficiently to new and complex customer demands.