Perfect logistics, right from the start

Successful processes, equipment and services –
The challenge

A European carrier wanted to develop a new maintenance facility with warehouse space, and needed support for planning and equipment. 

Our solution

We developed a concept for the layout, equipment and personnel needs for the new warehouse based on the customer's requirements and wishes. In the process, we looked at a number of different possibilities for realizing material storage and tool issue optimally, making use of our extensive background knowledge of the logistics requirements of the aviation industry. In less than three months we set up the warehouse to accommodate more than 9,000 individual items, while staying within the agreed investment volume for the project. It took only one day to move all the material into the warehouse. Logistics operations at the maintenance site began smoothly and the staff was able to start routine operations immediately. 

Customer advantages

  • We understand the requirements of aircraft component warehousing through our own experience as a logistics provider.
  • The customer is able to concentrate completely on its core business, while we concentrate on ours – logistics – thus ensuring smooth processes for the customer. This includes meeting requirements such as those of aviation law
  • We're experts at what we do, and we know exactly what is feasible. This enables us to respond to individual customer wishes, such as a warehouse design that is as modern as possible (scope for individual customer wishes during warehouse design).

Customer advantages

  • Understanding of the requirements of aircraft component warehousing
  • Deep knowledge of aviation law
  • Individual warehouse design