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Maximum transparency for the repair cycle – loop.control
The challenge

A large Asian airline was confronted with a number of problems in its parts repair cycle. Supplier turnaround time for component repairs was very long, and both linguistic and time differences made communication difficult. In addition, the long turnaround times forced the customer to invest heavily in keeping a warehouse inventory of spare parts. The airline felt itself to be in a weak bargaining position vis-à-vis its suppliers and was unable to improve the situation on its own. Moreover, it was frequently forced to pay the costs of warranty cases itself. 

Our solution

To bridge both the linguistic hurdles and the problem of different time zones, our first step was to establish a contact partner in the USA for all suppliers. This measure enabled much easier and faster communication from the very beginning, and significantly improved our customer's negotiating position with respect to its suppliers. In addition, we began to monitor quality and all liability issues, and collect all the facts in monthly performance reports for the airline. For transports within the USA, we found new solutions at better conditions. Beyond that, we inspected the old repair orders and weeded out unnecessary and superfluous agreements. 

Customer advantages

  • Our far-reaching global logistics network enables us to establish a local contact for all inquiries and requests.
  • The customer has just one contact who handles all communication with the workshop and suppliers.
  • Extensive knowledge of costs and conditions enables LTLS to analyze existing agreements and renegotiate them.

Customer advantages

  • Global logistics network
  • Local contact person
  • Extensive knowledge of costs and conditions