The best hands for your engines

Speed meets reliability – special.move
The challenge

A leading aircraft engine manufacturer was searching for a qualified, experienced service provider to transport engines and other special large aircraft components. 

Our solution

We consulted with the customer on a suitable transport concept and assumed responsibility for the shipment of engines and other valuable components by land and air, including the transport of hazardous materials. In the process, we use certified procedures for securing engines in engine stands. The transfer of the engines is monitored by our highly-qualified staff, and we maintain the necessary transport equipment. For example, our customers can rent the engine stands they need from us. In addition, we are supporting this engine manufacturer with concepts for the transport of new engine types and with a study on the freight capacity of large cargo aircraft. 

Customer advantages

  • Owing to the extremely high quality standards we have developed for the transport of highly sensitive aircraft parts, we have not had a single instance of transport damage over the last four years.
  • Large pool of type-specific engine stands
  • Exclusive use of certified providers

Customer advantages

  • Extremely high quality standards
  • Type-specific engine stands
  • Use of certified providers