Costums clearance - the fast way

Maximum simplification of costums processes, the highest possible costums status, and fast, highly automated costums clearing - these are some of the most notable characteristics of Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services' extremely efficient costums services. 

The expert in costums clearance of aviation material

Every year, LTLS moves goods with a costums value of over 12 billion euros.
In 2014, we handled over 900,000 costums clearances and, in terms of export control, dealt with 4,500 consignments of dual-use products. We have a global presence and experience with costumers successfully with their international projects by serving as a competence center for their costums needs.

Authorized processing licenses and simplifications

Our relationship with the costums authorities around the globe is characterized by long years of good relations and a high level of trust. Through our work for more than 100 costumers (airlines, MROs, OEMs and material brokers) and our involvement with various associations, we are well-represented internationally and up to date on current developments.
Close alliances with our international branches in Asia, the Americas and Europe make a real difference. What's more, our AEO seal (Authorized Economic Operator) grants LTLS specific simplifications, such as faster approvals and fewer data records, e.g. when issuing advance notifications for import and exports.

Comprehensive costums service

Select features of Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services' costums services portfolio:

• Complete organization of costums clearance processes
• Support for costumers in meeting federal requirements for their international import and export shipments
• Assumption of responsibility for compliance with trade laws and regulations
• Advice for clients on proper import-export procedures
• Submission of costums declarations
• Completion of the costums clearance and shipment declaration
 in the country of destination
• Consulting on import restrictions in regard to national
and international projects
• Follow-up on current developments and trends in the field of foreign