New Engine Stand Lease Services

As an innovative aviation logistics provider, LTLS understands its customers' needs. The new product Engine Stands Lease Services was introduced in response to the rising demand for engine stands. The company already has an extensive pool of high-quality stands for supplying Lufthansa Group customers, and as part of the new product they are now also available to third-party customers.

Whether you have a short-term requirement for a single engine transport or engine change, or you need an engine stand during a longer repair shop visit: We can meet your individual requirements with flexible lease periods at competitive prices. The engine stands have state-of-the-art features to assure flawless handling. They are fork-lift capable and can be used for both, road and air transportation. A shock attenuation arrangement minimizes the effects of vibration during transport. Tie-down rings around the base ensure adequate mounting of the engine stand.

The stands are inspected for functionality and safety before each lease event. In addition, they undergo annual maintenance carried out by Lufthansa Technik according to the requirements of the aviation authorities, manufacturer specifications and LTLS' quality requirements, which exceed industry standards. This focus on quality guarantees customers a reliable engine stand. The portfolio consists of engine stands for several engine types, including the Trent 500/700, CF6, CFM56 and V2500 series.

Engine Stand Lease Services underscore LTLS's claim to being a one-stop shop with the expertise to solve all the relevant questions of aviation logistics.