Flow Management – Transparent shipments worldwide

Making the supply chain transparent is a true challenge in logistics management, especially with a large number of different providers involved in the process. With flow.control, all your shipments are tracked and monitored from end to end. Our operational transport management, called Flow Management, thus ensures complete visibility of all of our customers' worldwide movements. 

Shipment management and monitoring

Flow Management plans and arranges every single shipment. Our transport experts select agents along the transportation route and choose the best solution from a variety of different transport options. We record shipment data during the ordering process to create a database for the visibility of your shipment in our web-based tracking platform L/tracking. Flow Management continually monitors milestones and timestamps of assigned shipments. 

Exception handling and performance management

If discrepancies to the original milestones are identified, Flow Management initiates exception handling: from re-booking the shipment to finding alternative routings to accelerating the shipment en route. Flow Management also generates monthly performance reports. 

Customer advantages

  • Single contact for all shipments
  • 24/7 availability
  • Monitoring and exception handling of all current and past transports from one source
  • High visibility of all shipments through active monitoring
  • Performance measurement and reporting ensures highest transparency