Repair Cycle Management – New system for material identification

Today's supply chains of worldwide spare parts logistics hold many challenges for everyone involved in the repair cycle. GATE – Global AsseT Expert – is the innovative procedure developed by Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services to identify materials in the international component cycle. Thanks to decentral data capture, GATE saves transport costs and significantly shortens turnaround times. 

Shorter turnaround times and reduced costs

In the past, all components had to be taken first to central sites, making the part cycle to the repair operation and back more complex and labor-intensive. In response to this problem, we have developed GATE: a new procedure for material identification in the international supply chain that shortens turnaround times and reduces transport and inventory costs. 

Remote procedure for decentral material identification

Employing GATE, components that enter the repair cycle are documented decentrally, using a standardized visual data capture approach. A box of about one cubic meter in size with a mobile detail camera enables the user to record the component's part and serial numbers. A scanner enables any accompanying documents to be digitalized. Large components are photographed using the exterior camera. The data capture process is controlled by software to guarantee that the information intake is standardized and handled identically every time. 

Customer advantages

  • Savings in transport costs, since GATE enables direct transports from the removal site to the MRO operation
  • Reduction in turnaround times and inventory costs
  • High degree of standardization in the logistics process
  • Simple photo documentation through the cameras installed in the hardware

GATE - smart aviation logistics