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Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services

Smart logistics solutions for the aviation industry

Combining our expertise and skills as a global logistics company with an in-depth and unique knowledge of the aviation industry, we create smart logistics solutions for our customers around the globe – airlines as well as maintenance companies, manufacturers and suppliers. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik, our solutions are deeply rooted in airline-proven, efficient and competitive transportation and warehousing products. In combination with numerous added services, customers benefit from a customized support that allows them to concentrate on their core business. 

Keeping the supply chain up and running

Securing the supply chain for our global customer base has the highest priority for the logistics of Lufthansa Technik. Especially during this time. Currently, our transportation network changes on a daily basis due to the transport and state regulations which are updated every day, sometimes every hour, affecting flight routes or entry requirements. As a result, we can sometimes not use the usual transport routes for routine transports and AOG components. To ensure that everything arrives as quickly and reliably as possible, our experts for transport concepts continuously monitor and evaluate the development and stay in constant exchange with our shipping departments. 

At the moment, we can hardly accommodate transport in the cargo compartment of passenger aircrafts, therefore we increasingly rely on courier and parcel service providers. Their networks are functioning reliably worldwide. This helps us to avoid exploding shipping costs and at the same time successfully secures a stable supply chain between Lufthansa Technik locations and also the transports to our customers.