New warehouse in London

Together with Lufthansa Technik AG, Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services (LTLS) commissioned a new warehouse for component supply at London's Heathrow Airport at the end of July.

When the decision was made in February to open the warehouse, LTLS began to search for a local partner for the warehouse space. The decision on a suitable partner was made with Lufthansa Technik at the end of April after a tender and an extensive analysis of transport and warehousing costs as well as the quality and growth possibilities of the new site. The months that followed saw the on-site creation of the necessary processes to ensure smooth supply, including, in particular, the introduction of the IT systems L/warehouse and L/shipping, for which the local employees received training.

In addition, Holger Driver and Phillip Lock, two project employees from the newly created LTLS Competence Center Warehouse, will be available on site to provide support during the initial phase.

In the future, Lufthansa Technik will be able to supply its mostly British customers from this warehouse around the clock, and its regional proximity will enable devices to be delivered to any airport in the UK within just a few hours. At the same time, the new location at Heathrow Airport will enable the fastest possible transport to international destinations, too. Initially, the warehouse will hold components for nearly all the systems in the Airbus A320 family and the A330.

"We are very pleased that we could open this warehouse together with Lufthansa Technik. At the moment, we are right in the middle of the implementation phase of another new warehouse that is scheduled to open in Hong Kong in just a few weeks, and more locations will follow over the course of the year. This illustrates the internationalization of our business growth, with all its challenges and especially its great future opportunities," says Matthias Niessen, who heads Warehousing and International Production at LTLS.