Hamburg: Investment in Lufthansa Technik Group site logistics

Automatic storage rack system AutoStore

Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services GmbH (LTLS) has commissioned the innovative, automatic storage rack system AutoStore for small parts in Hamburg. More than three million euros have been invested at Lufthansa Technik's home base over the last two years under the project name "ABLS@HAM" as part of the ongoing modernization program by the company in the city of Hamburg.

"AutoStore" is a storage and retrieval system in which plastic containers are stacked one on top of the other. At LTLS, a total of 19 robots travel on an aluminum base frame, retrieving items from stock and transporting them to seven picking stations. 75 stock inputs and up to 200 stock outputs are possible per hour.

The compact storage concept delivers space savings of more than 50 percent compared with the legacy system. The area covered by the automated storage system extends to 700 square meters, with 24,000 containers accommodating 215,000 batches. Capacity and speed can be enhanced almost infinitely during operation.

"The new system represents a major step toward forward-looking, innovative, and ergonomically optimized logistics," said Lufthansa Technik CFO Dr. Peter Jansen at the official opening. Andreas Meisel, Managing Director of Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services added: "LTLS has invested a good 3 million euros in the AutoStore system in the last 24 months and consequently in the efficient deployment of employees. At the same time this allows us to further improve working conditions. We have thus successfully moved away from the ‘person-to-goods' approach formerly adopted to a more modern ‘goods-to-person' retrieval principle."

The investment in the new logistics system represents a further step forward in Lufthansa Technik's modernization program at the Hamburg location. Following construction of a new engine overhaul center, a separate building for the new "Original Equipment Innovation" product division, and considerable investment in the area of composite material repairs, a building has recently been constructed that includes a completely new chemistry lab among other facilities. Lufthansa Technik has quadrupled its investments in research and development in the past year.