gate.control – the procedure for identifying materials globally

LTLS shortens turnaround times and reduces transport costs

gate.control is an innovative procedure developed by Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services GmbH (LTLS), a subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik AG, to identify aircraft material in the international repair cycle. A patent has already been registered for the procedure and the gate.control box.

The mobile box measuring just one cubic meter in size for the first time allows a comprehensive information package of the aircraft components being shipped to be compiled directly at the customer site. The box is fitted with a camera system, associated IT equipment as well as scanners for generating comprehensive electronic photographic documentation.

Standardized software controls the data input from the scanning of the documents to the photographing of the packaging through to the overview and detailed photographs and then transmits the data package to the responsible technical department in LTLS.

Specially trained LTLS employees are responsible for carrying out the binding identity and quantity control and also certificate checks. All data is finally input into the booking systems while the documents created are sent back to the providers locally.

"Turnaround times for aircraft materials in the international repair cycle will be reduced significantly thanks to gate.control. What's more, gate.control allows considerable savings especially in relation to transport and inventory costs. And we can also further increase the data quality in the repair cycle with the help of the consistent and standardized photographic documentation," says Dr. Christian Langer, Managing Director of LTLS.

gate.control will be exhibited at MRO Europe from October 13 to 15, 2015 in London (Great Britain) at the Lufthansa Technik Booth No. 426. Furthermore, a presentation entitled "Preparing for Tomorrow's Supply Chain" will be given on October 14 from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. by Dr. Aaron Scholz, Project Manager Logistics Solutions at LTLS.