Engine stand leasing

Aircraft engine stands at hand

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With our engine stand lease service we offer you a new dimension of flexibility. Whenever you have an engine stand requirement we provide you access to our pool with high quality engine stands for different engine types. 

Flexibility and quality you can rely on

Profit from access to our engine stand pool which fulfills highest technical standards. With our focus on quality we give you the confidence that your valuable asset can be transported and stored safely.

Engine stand portfolio

We have a wide range of engine stands for diverse engine types, e.g. for Trent 500/700, CF6, CFM56 and V2500 series. The stands are equipped with state-of-the-art technical features to ensure a flawless handling:

  • Applicable for road and air transportation
  • Tie-down rings around the base
  • Shock attenuation arrangement
  • Fork lift capability
  • Bootstrap ability upon request

Engine stand leasing


  • Flexible leasing terms for AOG requirements as well as long-term needs
  • High quality engine stands maintained by Lufthansa Technik
  • No need to manage your own engine stand pool
  • Lower storage and maintenance costs
  • Competitive leasing prices
  • Optional transport services for less administration efforts and time savings


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